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AIHO activities in 2016

aiho infographic 2017 thumbThis an infographic setting out the work undertaken by AIHO in 2016.

Download (pdf, 60 KB)

AIHO briefing - Work Health and Disability Green Paper 2017

AIHO briefing Work Health and Disability Green Paper 2017This document summarises the key points from AIHO's formal submission to the government's Green Paper on work, health and disability. "Evidence shows the valuable contribution the independent sector makes to workplace productivity...There is clear scope for an expanded role for the independent healthcare sector in supporting the work and health agenda, and we are developing ways to engage more businesses in workplace health.

Download (pdf, 373 KB)

AIHO briefing - Brexit and the Independent Sector February 2017

aiho briefing paperAIHO recognises the enormity of the context and challenge that Brexit poses for the UK and its healthcare sector. This briefing sets out some emerging challenges posed by Brexit and AIHO’s recommendations for how the Government should respond to ensure that the UK delivers the healthcare system Britain deserves.

Download (pdf, 303 KB)

AIHO Practising Privileges Principles

aiho practising privileges principles 2016This AIHO document summarises the key legal and regulatory issues that arise when an independent hospital is engaging staff through a practising privileges arrangement. The granting of practising privileges is a well-established process within independent healthcare and AIHO members will all have their organisation specific policies. This AIHO key principles document contains a number of tables recommending what local policies should cover.

Download (pdf, 233 KB)

AIHO Duty Of Candour - Key Principles

aiho duty of candour 2016This AIHO document summarises the key legal and regulatory issues that arise in relation to the statutory Duty of Candour, enforced by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Download (pdf, 106 KB)

AIHO NCEPOD Joint Statement 2016

An AIHO Guidance publication

This document sets out an agreement between AIHO and NCEPOD for member acute hospitals to participate in relevant NCEPOD studies and contribute, in line with the fees scheme agreed by the AIHO Board.

Download (pdf, 68 KB)

AIHO Summary of Monmouth Partners Joint Report

AIHO Monmouth Joint Working report summary September 2016This document is the summary of a report commissioned by The Association of Independent Healthcare Organisations (AIHO) and produced by healthcare information specialists Monmouth Partners.

Download (pdf, 110 KB)

Monmouth Partners Report - Joint Working

Monmouth Partners Report - Joint WorkingExploring the social and economic contribution of the independent sector for elective hip and knee surgery in the UK.

This research, commissioned by AIHO from healthcare information specialists Monmouth, highlights the vital role that the independent sector plays in delivering hip and knee surgery.

Download (pdf, 4.71 MB)

A Guide to Independent Hospitals for CQC inspectors

aiho cqc inspectors guide 2016 04 thumbThe guide was developed by AIHO, with input from AIHO members and CQC, and highlights the differences and similarities between independent acute hospitals and NHS Trusts. It covers key concepts particular to independent hospitals, within the framework of the CQC’s 5 Key Questions and associated Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOEs). 

Download (pdf, 129 KB)

AIHO Annual News 2015

AIHO Annual News 2015AIHO Annual News 2015 highlights AIHO’s most significant achievements over the past year and sets out AIHO’s plans for the next year under the new government.


Download (pdf, 1.64 MB)

AIHO Career Opportunities in Independent Hospitals

aiho career opportunities cover 100AIHO has produced a booklet designed for use as a recruitment tool by AIHO member hospitals.

The booklet sets out the range of services available in independent hospitals and key facts about the sector. It describes opportunities for nurses, healthcare assistants, allied health professionals and managers, illustrating them with a number of case studies. It ends with ‘Next steps’ encouraging readers to enquire about work opportunities at their local independent hospital.

See our videos about careers opportunities in independent hospitals

Download (pdf, 15.70 MB)

IHAS Critical Care Transfer for Patients

An AIHO Critical Care Forum publication

Independent Healthcare providers completing the IHAS Hospital Profile carry out 631,000 procedures each year of these a tiny proportion have unexpected complications that require specialised care including within NHS critical care facilities. The number of cases that need to be transferred to the NHS is less than 0.5% of the total cases.

Download (pdf, 241 KB)

IHAS Clinical Guidelines Bariatric Surgery

An AIHO Critical Care Forum publication

The purpose of this document is to protect patients from poor or unsafe practice.  It is not a substitute for existing Clinical Governance frameworks within hospitals, but is intended to provide unambiguous guidance for Hospital Directors and their Medical Advisory Committees to assist them in the design of any proposed new bariatric service or in benchmarking an existing one.

Download (pdf, 528 KB)

IHAS Bariatric Surgery Model Pathways

An AIHO Critical Care Forum publication

This document sets out best practice model pathways for the care of bariatric surgery patients. IHAS would like to acknowledge BMI Healthcare for sharing this document with the sector.

Download (pdf, 522 KB)

AIHO Membership Handbook 2014

AIHO Membership Handbook 2014Our first Membership Handbook includes contributions from our various members, highlighting the contribution independent healthcare providers make to improve the nation's health.

Download (pdf, 12.22 MB)

Guidance for employers on sharing information about healthcare workers

An AIHO Guidance publication

Guidance for employers on sharing information about healthcare workers has been produced in partnership with NHS Employers. This document outlines a set of key principles for employers to consider in relation to the sharing of relevant information between the private and public health sectors, when the conduct or performance of a healthcare worker comes into question, and a substantiated risk to patient or public safety has been identified.

Read more on the NHS Employers website

Download (pdf, 502 KB)

Good Medical Practice in Cosmetic Surgery

An AIHO Cosmetic Forum publication

This booklet has been written to complement the General Medical Council (GMC) publication 'Good Medical Practice', with particular reference to work carried out in the field of cosmetic surgery. This document does not replace 'Good Medical Practice' and should be read in conjunction with it.

The document was updated in December 2014 and is a working document.

Download (pdf, 420 KB)

Surgical First Assistant PCC Position Statement

An AIHO Guidance publication

In 2011 the Royal College of Surgeons called for greater clarity in relation to the wide range of titles currently in use by practitioners assisting in surgery, stating that confusion as to their meaning could potentially be a safety risk for patients and clinical staff. In recognition of this, the PCC (Perioperative Care Collaborative) has reviewed the title, roles and responsibilities of the Advanced Scrub Practitioner (ASP). It has renamed the ASP the Surgical First Assistant.

Download (pdf, 154 KB)

NCAS IHAS Member Referring Body Agreement

An AIHO Medical Revalidation Forum publication

Referring proforma to allow IHAS Members to access NCAS services. 

Download (doc, 124 KB)

IHAS NCAS Agreement 2012 02

An AIHO Medical Revalidation Forum publication

This agreement sets out that IHAS provider Members may access all the range of services provided by NCAS. This includes the provision of advice and support, access to support for planning programmes for remediation, reskilling and rehabilitation of practitioners, and other more specialist interventions such as assessment.

Download (pdf, 408 KB)